Hell. We have all read it, we have all heard it. Possibly we have all dreamed it. I decided to do an investigation on what hell is. Whats its purpose, who rules hell, the forces of darkness.

Hell, a place where the unpure go. For an eterinty of pain. There are many sins but many people go under these.

Limbo: Not believing in God.

Lust: In other words being a whore.

Gluttony: Eating greedily. Not praying beofore each meal.

Avarice and Prodigality: People who hoarded possessions.

Wrath and Sullenness: People who find no enjoyment in life, man or god.

Heresy: Its been questioned if its an actual sin. But, i added it in. It means having other ideas outside of your own religion.

Violence: Violence towards themselves,others,or god.

Fraud: Fraud which is well lying.

Betrayal: im sure we have all know what this means.

So further in my investigation i found more on The Devil. Lucifer in most cases is depicted in Dante;s The Divine Comedy frozen in his own tears. While others say he is involved in every murder. I cant go into it much, i dont have enough cookie dough to finish the batch.

MortalGloomyHell 05:37, October 3, 2010 (UTC)Dante

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